Objectives & Mission Statement


  • To advance the knowledge and practice of dermatology
  • To promote research in dermatology
  • To promote regional and international co-operation in dermatology
  • To acquire and publish literature and scientific works
  • To organise clinical meetings, seminars, conventions and all such acts and things incidental or subsidiary to all or any of the above
  • To invest the funds of The Society in approved investments under the Trustee Act and to appoint Trustees to manage such investments
  • To vest the trustees with the funds or funds created under article 3(f) and to empower the executive committee to utilise the income from the said fund or funds in accordance with by laws approved by the general meeting of The Society.

Mission Statement

"Our aspiration is for Malaysia to be a centre of excellence in dermatology in this millenium. We aim to make the Persatuan a resource centre in Dermatology for the nation and the region through Information Technology, promote Training and Research in Asian dermatology while networking extensively with leading centres worldwide."

Constitution of PDM
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