National Dermatology Registry (DermReg) is a an ongoing systematic collection, analysis and interpretation of data pertaining to skin diseases and related services in Malaysia. This will enable us to know the the natural history, outcome and quality of life issues of skin diseases, as well as the effectiveness, safety and accessibility of various treatment modalities. This information is useful in assisting the Ministry of Health, non-governmental organizations, private healthcare providers and industry in planning, development and continuous improvement of services and facilities in the prevention and control of skin diseases.

DermReg is a nationwide project which aims to integrate all dermatological patient registries and databases developed in Malaysia.

Registries under DermReg include:
  • Malaysian Psoriasis Registry (MPR)
  • Diagnostic Skin Biopsy Registry (DSBR)
  • Malaysian Leprosy Registry (MLR) - coming soon

1. Ministry of Health, Malaysia 2. Dermatological Society of Malaysia
3. Faculty of Medicine, College of Physicians, Academy of Medicine Malaysia

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